It takes a village to close the digital divide!

Since its inception in 2008, CTN has grown its scope from a few partners in San Francisco to over 70 partners nationwide. Our partners include housing developments, senior centers, recreation centers, libraries, workforce development programs, and social service agencies with the common factor of being trusted places where people go for services and support.

Partners rely on CTN for our Direct Services to their clients and for our Capacity Building support for them. We understand that closing the digital divide wasn’t a priority before the pandemic. If you’re now seeing the impact it’s making on your clients and want to do something to help, consider Community Tech Network as a guide in this journey.



“Our collaboration with CTN has given our volunteers at Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) an opportunity to educate our elders on using digital devices and the internet. This has allowed our elders to discover new worlds that they could never before imagine. Thank you, CTN for this partnership!” – Cathy Michalec, Executive Director – Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly San Francisco


“CTN has trained nearly 300 of our affordable housing residents in basic digital literacy, and we hope to serve hundreds more! CTN is highly effective in training seniors, people with developmental disabilities, and residents with various language needs. SAHA, and most importantly our residents, are tremendously grateful for the bridge to greater independence that CTN has provided.” – Chris Hess, Director of Resident Services – Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA)


“CTN is a gift to senior centers in San Francisco. On an ongoing basis, CTN provides well-trained patient, caring volunteers including essential bilingual language speakers. CTN staff are enthusiastic to serve and do so with excellence. SFSC and CTN partner in innovative projects, bringing new programs into fruition. Thank you, CTN!” – Sue Horst, San Francisco Senior Center

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