CTN works with partners’ clients directly to provide digital literacy training and digital inclusion activities

CTN has provided digital inclusion activities to our partners and their clients since 2009. These activities include conducting client in-take, procuring and configuring devices, assisting with internet enrollment, providing digital literacy training and ongoing support to learners.

Decrease Isolation

Social isolation and loneliness contribute to decreased health and a lower quality of life— we help older adults foster connection online.

Increase Access to Telehealth

Telehealth tools and online resources can provide accessible healthcare options and important information— we provide people with the skills to use it.

Workforce Readiness

Approximately 82% of middle-skill jobs require digital skills— we equip people with the tools to apply for jobs, perform essential tasks, and thrive in the digital economy.

Our longest partnership is with the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services and their SF Connected program which provides in-person digital literacy training for older adults and people with disabilities. Past training topics have covered subjects as diverse as internet safety, voter registration, social media and video calling. Training is delivered in English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and Mandarin. See CTN’s SF Connected training schedule here.

Since 2015, we have provided digital literacy training to partners funded by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). We are currently providing on-site technology instruction at housing developments and community centers in San Francisco, Oakland, Sonoma, Sacramento, San Leandro, San Jose and Sunnyvale. Participants learn basic to intermediate technology skills in English, Spanish and Chinese and receive information on low-cost Internet access at home. Eligible learners are awarded a take-home device upon completing at least 8 hours of training.

Created in response to the pandemic, Home Connect provides older adults at risk of isolation with a customized 10-inch Android tablet, assistance enrolling in home internet services and up to 17 hours of remote digital literacy training. This program is executed in partnership with 50+ referring agencies in San Francisco and the training is available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog and Russian.

We partner with local businesses to create rewarding group activities called Tech Teach-ins. Hosted at a nonprofit partner location, learners are paired with a volunteer to get answers to their specific tech questions, often using their own devices. Some of our past corporate partners include Adobe, Dell, Lyft, AT&T, Google and Quantcast.

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