Transforming lives through digital literacy.

Since its inception, CTN has grown its scope from a few partners in San Francisco to over 50 that span the wider Bay Area. Our partners are housing developments, senior centers, recreation centers, libraries and social service agencies. The common factor among all our partners is they are trusted places where people go for services and support. In 2017 CTN decided to expand its reach to another tech hub—Austin, Texas. We recognize the need in both cities for the service we provide (train the trainer, curriculum development, staff capacity building and evaluation) specifically to address the basic digital literacy needs in the community. But we want to extend even further to places where a need exists for our services, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with agencies across the country. For more information visit our Hire Us page.

San Francisco Bay Area

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SF Partner Spotlight Stories

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Austin, Texas

Providing services to Austin is a recent development, so the number of partners at this time is limited. We are in conversation with several possible partners, if your organization or city agency is interested in working together, visit our Hire Us page for more information.


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Austin Partner Success Stories

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