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Paolo Cassinari is one of CTN’s volunteers from Curry’s Senior Vitality. He is with the second cohort at this site.

Paolo has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electronic engineering and worked for eight years as a software engineer, business analyst, and solution architect in a telecommunications company in Milan. Right now he is a student — he’s almost completed a certificate program in project management! Having moved to the Bay Area a year and half ago, Paolo started as a computer tutor at the Downtown Senior Center in September.

Paolo recalls one of his memorable volunteer moments with CTN:

One day I helped a guest of the center to find a new apartment. He had tried to contact landlords for weeks without any success. Technology was still a problem for him; searching online among hundreds of websites appeared very challenging. After a brief conversation about his situation, I understood that staying at his current apartment was no longer an option; thus, he needed help in finding a reasonably priced apartment. Despite his low income, staying in San Francisco appeared necessary to benefit from the senior center and nearby hospitals for medications. Therefore, I helped him in his search by using more reliable websites with updated information on available housing options. I also contacted a local housing portal to have a list of affordable housing opportunities. This simple act meant a lot to him, and he was very appreciative for what I did.

Some of the learners have never used a computer, but despite the age and the difficulty they may face, they are willing to learn something new and use technology to improve their life. This inspired Paolo, since he realized it is never too late to acquire new skills, as long as it’s desired.

Paolo is often willing to step in as a substitute even with last-minute changes and requests, and CTN learners say he is friendly and very helpful!

Thank you for all your service, Paolo!

Volunteer Spotlight: Paolo Cassinari

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