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Krista began volunteering for Community Tech Network in July, and proudly became a digital coach after completion of her initial orientation and training. In looking back, her match to Linda V, an isolated older adult learner, was perfect as well as mutually beneficial.

A native of Ventura, California, Krista has lived in San Francisco since 2012. For most of that time, she has been employed at the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, a local, worker-owner grocery store that prioritizes sustainable living practices. When she’s not working or volunteering with CTN, Krista is a student at San Francisco State University. She will graduate in December of 2020.

Krista was drawn to CTN by our mission and embraces our work of assisting disadvantaged populations with digital literacy and getting connected online. “Especially during the pandemic, older adults are more vulnerable, having difficulty accessing even some of their most basic needs,” says Krista. “I see myself as an important resource to the community as a CTN volunteer and look forward to continuing to work with Linda. Since I want to be an educator, working with Linda has taught me a lot and has helped assure me that I have made the right career choice. I have learned to listen and watch for clues about Linda’s learning comprehension. At times I have had to adjust my approach and style to better meet her needs. We set regular goals, and then feel really good about meeting them.”

Krista sees her work as life-changing. She begins with the basics, and by the end of a session Linda can use DoorDash to order food or has been able to reconnect with her social network via Zoom. Both look forward to their weekly sessions and plan to continue to train together as long as Linda wishes to learn. Krista adds, “It’s so convenient for me since the sessions are online, I can join from anywhere, and I know I am making a real difference for Linda.”

We encourage everyone to consider becoming a digital coach with our Home Connect program. This rapidly expanding training platform needs additional dedicated volunteers to help isolated, vulnerable seniors. As Krista says, it’s rewarding, convenient, and life changing.

Volunteer Spotlight: Krista Marquez

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