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Hyon Lee uses the internet in his daily life to search for opportunities, doctors, education, and even where to go for lunch.  He found CTN online and decided it was the best choice for volunteering. Hyon believes everyone should have the basic skills to use the internet because the ability to connect and be heard is powerful for an individual’s well-being and growth.

He explains: “As technology keeps taking huge leaps every year, there is a large percentage of the public that will not get a chance to fully experience it. The cost rises with the upgrade of every device. So regardless of where I am now, I know there is a lot more to learn.”

Hyon volunteers at Downtown Senior Center once each week. He has only been volunteering since August, but the learners have already started calling him “teacher.” He trains residents how to use the internet to increase their social connectedness and to locate health and financial resources.

Volunteer Spotlight: Hyon Lee

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