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Photo: Amy’s daughter Laina’s reaction to sampling a s’more for first time.  

We know you are wondering but no, this is not a photo of Amy Hansen but rather of her daughter Laina, who was three at the time. Laina’s photo was the first-place winner in a recent contest at her mom’s workplace. The top prize was $2,500 to be donated to the charity of the winner’s choosing. Amy selected CTN, and we are incredibly grateful.

Amy has been a CTN volunteer trainer for about a year, serving as a computer lab volunteer at the Downtown Senior Center in San Francisco. A New Jersey native and a Californian since 2005, Amy works for AppDynamics, an enterprise software company owned by Cisco. Not unsurprisingly, all the employees are working from home right now. To keep the remote employees connected and engaged, AppDynamics has been sponsoring weekly interactive activities or contests. Laina pulled off her big win in the Best Family Photograph contest.

“I had many nonprofits to choose from, but CTN came to mind first because it was such a rewarding experience volunteering at Downtown Senior Center. CTN’s organized and intelligent response to the pandemic with the Home Connect program really solidified for me that CTN is worth investing in,” said Amy. Recently, Amy was one of the CTN volunteer trainers who agreed to serve as a digital coach in CTN’s new Home Connect program. She will provide remote training helping isolated seniors to become comfortable using their new tablet and working specifically on the identified learning pathways.

As for Laina, who is 7 years old now, we are betting she still loves s’mores just much as that first time! Amy, thank you for your work with CTN on behalf of the seniors we serve and for selecting CTN to be the beneficiary of AppDynamics grant.

Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Hansen

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