Transforming lives through digital literacy.


Kami Griffiths, Community Technology Network’s executive director, was interviewed on April 24, 2015, by Comcast Newsmakers. Terri Hardesty talked to Kami about the need for teaching digital literacy and how CTN’s programs address this problem in the Bay Area.

These days, Kami said, access to computers and the Internet is critical, and so are the skills needed to use those tools. While access to computers and high-speed Internet is critical, so are the skills needed to effectively use computers and mobile devices. Without digital skills, many of our neighbors are unable to search for jobs and housing, finish their schoolwork, or communicate with their healthcare provider, family, and friends.

CTN’s Ready Set Connect! program equips students from disadvantaged neighborhoods with job and leadership skills essential for employment in today’s job market.

Senior citizens and adults with disabilities are vastly overrepresented in the digital divide because technology is expanding quickly and few resources are available to them. CTN provides volunteers who teach seniors and disabled adults through its SF Connected program.

Learn how to become a volunteer and other ways you can make a difference!

Transforming Lives Through Digital Literacy: Kami Griffiths Interviewed by Comcast Newsmakers

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