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Randy Schroeder, now in his early 70s, is not ready to stop working. Having a grandfather who lived to see 100 and retired three times, he likes to stay busy and spends some of his free time helping Community Technology Network as a computer tutor.

He brings with him a rich history of work and life experiences. He’s produced broadcast television programs for ABC in San Diego and helped start companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. He developed PowerPoint presentations and keynote speeches for high-level executives at companies like Yahoo!, Clorox, Dell, and AMD. He also produced animated demos for Fortune 500 companies. He and his partner started Musync in 2001, where he still works part-time. Musync is a music licensing company that provides indie music for television commercials and movie trailers.

Randy has written several books, created iPhone apps, and in what little spare time he has left, runs a blog of alternative things to do in San Francisco, and another for more international travel.

His latest love is helping people at Aquatic Park Senior Center.

“I’m constantly amazed at what rich lives so many of the people there have lived, and now I do what I can to help them learn more about the digital age with projects that seem difficult — photo books, novels, life stories, websites, blogs, videos, and on and on.”

After working with a new learner for a couple hours on her camera, Randy received a letter from her thanking him for helping her “more than anyone had done in the 30 years living in this country.”

We are extremely grateful to Randy, and all our volunteers, for the remarkable work they do to help older adults cross the digital divide. Learn more about our volunteer program here or read more spotlight stories here.

Trainer Spotlight: Randy Schroeder

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