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CTN staff trainer Carlos Sivira recently received a heartfelt thank-you from Robert Averett, one of Carlos’s Home Connect learners. With Robert’s permission, we are sharing his touching tribute so you can read Robert’s story in his own words. Though Carlos isn’t an “official” professor (as far as we know), he certainly is in the eyes of this older adult learner. 

Dear Professor Carlos,

Hi! It’s Robert Averett sending you a gratitude email, which you taught me how to do. I want to thank you for making the tablet an extremely useful tool for me to use in my life.

Your teaching style and expertise really are amazingly effective in helping me understand technology. You have been super patient with me, and I appreciate that very, very much. I never felt anything but positive reinforcement, no matter how many questions I asked, and when I obviously did not know about technology tablet skills, you took the time to teach me really, really well and do it in a friendly way.

I will continue practicing on the tablet and use it as a tool to help relieve my isolation. This amazing technology you have been so excellently teaching me is a way for me to overcome the challenges a disabled senior like me faces with this pandemic, and to make connections with people in the community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the essential technology education. I feel so blessed to have you and your knowledge helping me to learn so much.  You are awesome, Professor Carlos!

In sincere gratitude,


Robert, we at CTN appreciate your kind words, and for taking the time to write to Carlos. We congratulate you on your optimism, your courage to learn something new, and your great attitude. You are awesome, too!

Thank-You Note from a Learner

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