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Seven TechSoup volunteers spent their Sunday afternoon providing technology assistance to the seniors at Tel Hi Neighborhood Center (Tel Hi).

The computer lab at Tel Hi has Macintosh and Windows desktops, and TechSoup volunteers jumped right in to help seniors with both operating systems. Many of the seniors also brought their own devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, and volunteers taught them how to use these as well.

All seniors reported learning something new about technology that day. Everyone raved about how wonderful the event was. Tel Hi employees continue to receive thank you emails from seniors who attended the event, and the seniors look forward to the next one. TechSoup volunteers also reported enjoying the event and being able to share their technology knowledge with seniors. It definitely was a day where there was lots of learning going on!

Many thanks to the TechSoup volunteers who dedicated their time to educating our seniors about technology. CTN is also thankful to Tel Hi Neighborhood Center for collaborating with us to host the event.

TechSoup Teach-In at Tel Hi Neighborhood Center!

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