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Digital Inclusion Week 2018 will happen May 7-11, and Community Tech Network is participating in this nationwide event both in the Bay Area and in Austin. DIW2018 is sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) which represents more than 300 affiliated organizations in 38 states that work toward digital equity.

In San Francisco, the public library is taking the lead in creating “Connect With Tech“. It is a citywide initiative comprised of events to promote online access and technology skill-building and to reduce digital disparities in our communities. In Austin, we will be hosting a series of events called Tech Teach-Ins that match corporate volunteers with community members looking to improve their digital skills and take advantage of what their digital devices have to offer.  

We are still looking for corporate partners in Austin, so if you work for a company that is looking for a 2 hour service project, contact Kami Griffiths for more information. 

Special Events in Austin for Digital Inclusion Week, May 7 – 11

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