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In so many ways, technology has improved our lives. But for many of us, technology has become a barrier as well. What can be done to ensure that technology improves the lives of everyone? That was the question posed to a group of 15 students from Gateway High School and a group of 15 seniors from San Francisco Senior Center.

The day started with students and seniors sharing their experiences growing up with or without technology. Sage wisdom was in full force, as one student put it: “I learned a lot about how I should be planning my life out: academics before relationships — I totally agree.”

Later, students and seniors paired together to brainstorm app ideas that would help remove barriers to accessing resources. Throughout the process, the students and seniors really enjoyed working with one another. A Gateway student offered a nice summary of the activity:

“Places where people traveled, how they were raised, what you need to be successful in life, all great advice that I appreciate and will cherish for as long as I can remember. I think the only thing that can keep the seniors from things now is not that technology is a bad thing but instead that they don’t have the resources that we do. Thankfully, they still have the opportunity to do what they like, and most importantly, create a change. Whatever kind of change is their option. It’s hard but it takes determination and the will to act, I know that they, us, and everyone can have the strength to create their own change that may affect others, hopefully in positive ways, for the better.”

Seniors and Students Sharing Stories

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