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San Francisco Digital Equity is a citywide initiative to ensure that all residents have the tools and ability to participate in digital society. Community Tech Network has been working with the City’s small team that is dedicated to helping residents overcome digital barriers and to improving our community’s standard of living.

Digital inequality continues to be a problem in San Francisco. For many residents, the skills are difficult to obtain, or the cost to use the Internet is too high. Faced with this persistent problem, the City is focused on helping the city’s vulnerable populations bridge the digital divide and leverage technology to improve outcomes in education, employment, and health.

They created the SF Digital Equity Playbook (PDF), which is designed for social service providers who want to help their clients get connected or learn digital skills. It contains information on free access locations, discount Internet programs, training curriculum and strategies, and more. It consists of a collection of ideas, or “plays,” for these organizations to better understand their clients’ digital needs, help them get connected, and build their digital skills.

The Playbook is a work in progress and will continue to evolve as more organizations put it into practice. In addition to CTN, many organizations were involved in its development. Among them were the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, the Mayor’s Office on Disability, San Francisco Public Library, St. Anthony’s Tech Lab, San Francisco Tech Council, America Works, FACES SF, and Goodwill.

Download and check out the SF Digital Equity Playbook (PDF).

San Francisco Digital Equity Playbook

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