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On Friday April 5, CTN, in partnership with the Salesforce Foundation, opened the doors to the first of four free Success Clinics taking place this year. The clinics are designed for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that have a Salesforce account but need some assistance in building and operating a better database. CTN was inundated with registration requests for this inaugural event and more than 60 organizations rushed for the 25 places available.

The lucky NPOs gathered at Salesforce’s plush offices on Fremont Street for bagels, coffee, and the valuable opportunity to pick the brains of Salesforce experts. Attendees participated in a group session, which outlined all the many resources that are available to help NPOs develop and maintain an effective Salesforce account. NPO staff also had a private, one-to-one consultation with a Salesforce volunteer, who helped them examine specific challenges related to Salesforce configuration, collaboration, reports, and dashboards.

The feedback CTN received indicates how vital such assistance is to NPOs. Jennifer Graves from Superstars Literacy commented:

This was a great opportunity to get specific guidance on many of the questions our organization has had regarding tailoring the database to our particular needs. I feel confident that with the help of our consultant, we will now be able to use Salesforce to its full capabilities and save ourselves a great deal of time.

The Salesforce Foundation was pleased to offer NPOs in the Bay Area free help and brought 12 volunteers to the morning’s event. The volunteers were all excited to show NPOs how to make the Salesforce product more effective for their work in the community. Many of the volunteers were eager to carry on working with NPOs after the event through greater participation in the company’s pro-bono program.

Salesforce Success Clinic Treats Bay Area Nonprofits

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