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Not too long ago RSC members had the privilege of connecting via video conference with Danielle Bowers, Data and Trends Manager, Google Plus at Google, for two workshops on resumes and LinkedIn.

I was a little nervous at the beginning because I had never drafted a resume before. I was starting from scratch. I thought that the whole process of creating a resume was going to be difficult. However, Danielle made the process very simple. She taught us the format and requirements of a resume. One very important tip that she gave us was that a resume should never be longer than a page when you’re first starting out. Before this training I believed the longer, the better. Now I know this isn’t the case.RSC Youth Get Their Resumes Ready-1

Danielle Bowers not only taught us how to create our own resumes, she also talked to us about LinkedIn, which is a business-oriented social networking service. We learned that we can connect with whoever we’ve worked with or want to work with using this site. Danielle Bowers’ workshops were so essential to pushing my understanding of resumes and LinkedIn. I’ll never forget the advice I received from her.

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RSC Youth Get Their Resumes Ready

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