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On February 26 and March 5, the RSC! cohort visited Bluewolf in San Francisco to learn about the breadth of careers available within this one subset of tech.

The staff at Bluewolf welcomed us with with presentations about resume styles and using LinkedIn for an effective job search. The interns were also able to have their resumes professionally reviewed, and they gained professional contacts for their LinkedIn profiles.

Here are some of their reactions to the trip:

I really enjoyed the trip to Blue Wolf! The overall atmosphere and people there were really great. I’m really happy with the information I learned and feedback on my resume. —Leanna

I got some really good advice on how to market oneself and what are some do’s and don’ts during interviews. Also, the resume and LinkedIn profile walk-through was super helpful. —Minnie

I learned a lot about what elements make a good resume. For example, I learned that the use of language completely changes the tone of voice and talking to someone about my work experience helps me explain specifically what I had done. —Pichmolida

Our partnerships with firms, businesses, and professionals are incredibly important because they provide the young people in the program with contacts and the necessary exposure to further prepare them for careers in tech. If you or your business are interested in partering with us to enrich the experience of the talented and deserving young people in the Ready, Set, Connect! program, please email me at

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RSC! Interns Visit Bluewolf

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