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While having a 9-to-5 office job may work for many, this structure can often be difficult for both employers and employees to sustain. Real estate is becoming inreasingly expensive, and stable, local employment is not always available.

There are many opportunites to earn an income if you have access to a stable connection to the Internet and a digital device, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

On January 29, the Ready, Set, Connect! cohort had the pleasure of hosting Cynthia Mackey, CEO of Winning Strategies, LLC, who presented on virtual entrepeneurship. The group learned of ways they can market their skills to build clients and a portfolio and help ensure their current and future financial solvency. They also learned about some of the available platforms available to market their skills, ideas, and products virtually to local and global markets.

While virtual work may provide opportunities and flexibility, Ms. Mackey emphasized the importance of professionalism, timeliness, and competence in a skill to be able to sustain self-employment and entrepeneurship virtually. The interns practiced marketing by giving pitches on a service that could be sold online to their colleagues.

Ms. Mackey is part of a group of professionals who are involved in some way with digital technology. Her presentation and time, along with the other guest presenters and partners, greatly enriched the experience of the interns in the group. If you are interested in mentoring and have a story to tell, a skill, or some time to contribute to the program, please contact Andrea Guzmán at

RSC! Interns Learn About Virtual Entrepeneurship

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