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It’s been over 6 months since the pandemic has left us sheltering in place. Everything about how we live and work has changed. By now, most nonprofits have been able to move their programming online, but that does not help people with limited or no internet access or who lack the digital skills to participate online.

In partnership with the Digital Empowerment Community of Austin (DECA) a webinar titled “Connecting the Unconnected: Programming in the Age of COVID-19” will be delivered by CTN’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Kami Griffiths.

Webinar participants will:

  • Learn how to document the needs that exist in your community that keep your clients from participating online.
  • Understand ways to communicate the data to stakeholders who can affect policy and provide funding.
  • Hear immediate next steps that can be followed to help your community get connected.
  • Feel more empowered to make Digital Equity a priority in Central Texas.

The webinar will be held on Monday, October 5 at 2 pm (Central Time). Participation is limited to 100. Although open to all, the information provided will be more relative to the Austin and Central Texas area. Follow this link to register.

Digital Inclusion Week is a program of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, an online event held nationwide October 5-9, 2020 to raise awareness of solutions addressing home internet access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs. You can also get involved by creating or finding an activity in your area that builds inclusion by providing computer training, media literacy, affordable devices or internet access to people on the wrong side digital divides – or builds public awareness. 


Registration Open for Digital Inclusion Week Webinar

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