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Meet Danielle Bowers, the Ready, Set, Connect! Program’s (RSC) star volunteer and mentor. I recently sat down with Danielle to talk about her involvement with RSC.

Kerri: How did you get started with volunteering?

Danielle: When I was in high school, I worked with an organization that connected autistic kids with horses for equine therapy. It sparked a love for service, for working with nonprofits and youth. It inspired me to use my skills to make the world a better place. More recently,  I have been exploring ways to reach out to youth as a mentor and speaker and was looking for a way to learn more about the non-profit industry. I’m also on the Google Cares board in the San Francisco office and met Kami when I helped host the Google Tour for CTN’s Intergenerational Youth Crew last year. I was really impressed with Kami’s vision, her leadership skills, and CTN. When Kami told me about RSC, I knew I wanted to be involved. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine non-profit work with my professional life at Google.

Kerri: What do you do with RSC?

Danielle: I’ve helped develop the RSC professional development sessions. I’ve created curriculum and led sessions on Google Sites, resume creation, and developing a personal brand. Where the training topics have fallen outside my areas of expertise, I’ve brought in experts from my network at Google as well as other professionals in the Bay Area.. I also serve as a liaison between Google, CTN, and the RSC youth. Lastly, I’m available to the youth as a mentor and sounding board.

Kerri: What impact has volunteering with RSC had on your professional life?

Danielle: Securing speakers for RSC professional development sessions and mentors for our upcoming tour of the San Francisco office has really helped me to expand my internal network at Google. I’m particularly pleased with the response we’ve had to our request for mentors; we actually have a waiting list of Googlers who are interested in meeting with our RSC youth. I have found it extremely valuable presenting to the youth as they have given me an opportunity to learn how to connect with a different audience. Also, I have found the other sessions that I was not leading very insightful.

Kerri: What do you like best about volunteering with RSC?

Danielle: With RSC, I’m able to see how my effort is directly impacting the youth. I like seeing the youth engaged. Seeing their faces when they learn something, when the light bulb goes off, when they decide to adopt what I’m recommending, that’s definitely my favorite part.


If you would like to support CTN’s work with youth in the Ready, Set, Connect! Program, Follow this link and donate $25 (or what you can) to power our fundraising goal of $5,000, which will support youth stipends. If you’re interested in volunteering with RSC or another CTN program, please contact Arielle Hellfrich, CTN’s Volunteer Manager.

Ready, Set, Connect! Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle Bowers

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