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In April, CTN began a new partnership with Sourcewise, a Santa Clara–based organization that provides older adults the tools and services they need to effectively navigate their health and life options.

Sourcewise uses technology and experience to support seniors, caregivers, and persons with disabilities by providing access to Google Home devices. CTN’s role in the partnership is to train Sourcewise clients to use this new technology and support them as they take on new digital skills. Our shared objective is to bridge the digital divide and address social isolation for older Californians with disabilities.

Over the course of this partnership, over 600 Google Home smart speakers will be distributed to Sourcewise clients. This technology allows users to make calls, play music, request reminders, or receive news updates entirely by voice. For those who may have trouble navigating or viewing a screen, the speaker offers a convenient alternative way of accessing the benefits of the internet.

Nearly 400 smart speakers have been distributed so far. CTN provides every client with a step-by-step setup guide and access to a training video playlist on YouTube. Those who need extra help are being contacted for one-on-one training, which is provided in either English, Spanish, or Chinese. They can also attend monthly webinars and Q&A sessions.

Here’s what Sourcewise client Sally Sifuentes has to say about her experience in the program: “The Google Home speaker has helped me tremendously. Google Translate helps with translation from English to Spanish and answers difficult medical questions I may have. I use it to set my alarm, listen to music, etc. Simply put, it makes life easier for me.”

We are excited to continue working with Sourcewise clients for the next two months. As we wrap up our sessions with new learners, CTN staff will assist Sourcewise in following up with their learners for post-program surveys.

Partner Spotlight: Sourcewise

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