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Photo: CTN staff member Sabrina Tam delivers a device to NEXT Village client Leoni, who will soon become a new CTN digital learner.  

In early June, Jacqueline Jones, the executive director of NEXT Village, told CTN that a few of her members were looking for tablets and asked if we could direct her to any resources. NEXT Village SF is a CTN partner in San Francisco that provides services and support to its members to live independently in their own homes as they age. We have offered several Tech Teach-In events with them. Here’s a recap of one of the sessions conducted in 2016.

Fortunately, we had a few iPad Minis in our office closet from a recent donation from Twitter. The bigger issue was that the tablets used an older operating system that would not allow newer apps to be installed. Staff member Josie Boyle was able to install Zoom and put a shortcut for YouTube on the home screen, anticipating the tools of most interest to new users. She sanitized and boxed them up for staff member Sabrina Tam to drop off at the NEXT Village office. The outdoor setting for the handoff, plus the wearing of masks by both Sabrina and new learner Leoni, helped maintain the safety aspects related to COVID-19 and social distancing.

Jacqueline acknowledged this valued relationship by saying, “Thank you, CTN, for connecting our members to the online world through your generous donation of iPads. We look forward to seeing them on Zoom for our online events. We remain big fans of CTN!” We are thankful to have partners like Jacqueline working hard to get older adults connected, especially during the pandemic. 

Leoni is extremely excited about getting started but has no idea how to use it … beginning with “how do you turn this thing on?” With that eager positive attitude, we know she will be successful and will be Zooming around before we know it. Thank you, Sabrina and Josie, for making this happen!

Partner Spotlight: NEXT Village

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