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Photo: CTN employee Kate Sheludziayeva leads a digital learning class at Curry Senior Center prior to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Curry Senior Center is a valued training partner that has shared several common bonds with CTN — both are SF Connected locations, both are committed to provide digital learning opportunities for seniors, and both recently transitioned their traditional in-person training model to an online platform necessitated by COVID-19.

One of Curry Senior Center’s programs is called Senior Vitality. It helps clients sign up for home internet service, provides training on how to use an iPad, and once the basic digital skills are mastered, layers in a health-related component utilizing a wearable (like a Fitbit) and a digital scale. The 12-month program provided at no cost accommodates 60 seniors annually and consists of 25 separate lessons, each building on skills previously mastered. Curry Senior Center developed the curriculum. CTN provides training in English, Cantonese, and Russian, with volunteers who provide ongoing tutoring to the participants.

Curry Senior Center is now posting classes online from the Senior Vitality curriculum in several languages. In addition, they are creating wellness videos featuring topics such as cooking, gardening, and creative writing, which will also be posted online. All of the material can be viewed on their YouTube channel. Currently, Curry Senior Center is focusing on the lessons they feel to be most essential right now, such as connecting with friends, family, medical providers, and community members.

Angela Di Martino, Curry’s wellness program manager shares this observation: “Curry Senior Center has a long history of working together with CTN staff and volunteers to provide critical digital literacy training for our clients. Since 2018, our partnership for Project Senior Vitality has been a creative and rewarding one. We depend on the CTN staff and volunteers for their insightful technology skills, as well as wonderful compassion for our seniors. They make learning fun and accessible for all! We are especially grateful for their flexibility in working with us on new ways to administer our classes online, instead of in person, during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Thank you to Curry Senior Center for allowing CTN to contribute to your success and thank you for all you do for the seniors in our community.

Partner Spotlight: Curry Senior Center

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