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Community Tech Network is excited to partner with the City of Oakland in a new partnership that will offer beyond-the-basics digital literacy courses. This skilled cohort has already learned how to navigate a tablet and use the basic tools of the internet. CTN’s courses will support their ongoing digital education while advancing and expanding their skill sets.

For this partnership, we are using a new tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. One of the first lessons we tackled was how to use Google Docs. We covered how to collaborate on documents with others; offer permissions on who can view, edit, and comment; and share document links with others. We were extremely impressed with how quickly these learners took to the new tool. Even regular users of technology get confused with the tools and possibilities of Google apps, but our Oakland learners felt confident in no time.

Another more advanced topic we discussed was the difference between the tablet’s photo gallery and the app Google Photos. Learners were especially fascinated with cloud storage. At first, they couldn’t quite grasp how they might be able to access all their photos and information when added to a cloud-based drive. Upon giving various examples of why and how the drive is useful, learners all left the lesson pleased to have learned about this method of storage.

These courses are taught by CTN bilingual digital instructor Carlos Sivira Falcon. A skilled teacher for all levels of digital literacy, Carlos was excited to explore new skills with the Oakland learners. “This program is a bit of a refresher as I’m no longer having to deal with true beginners. We’re able to go beyond what’s in the material and really facilitate a discussion. Every lesson we have seems to go in a blink of an eye.”

CTN is grateful to continue working with the City of Oakland as we strive to take digital literacy to new heights.

Partner Spotlight: City of Oakland

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