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How do I take a screenshot? What happens when I click the microphone button on Zoom? Where do I go to send videos and photos to friends?

These are a few of the questions our learners asked CTN’s training coach, Josie Boyle, on a live Zoom Q&A last week. While each of our learners is trained with a comprehensive digital skills curriculum, many still reach out with app-specific and technical questions. The goal of the Q&A session — open to both past and present Home Connect learners — was to streamline the question-and-answer process and assist multiple learners at once.

As learners logged in to the call, the first 15 minutes served as a time to catch up and socialize. Learners were excited to see each other’s faces and reconnect with their coach, Josie. One learner mentioned that he had put his digital learning on pause because he had lost friends and family members to COVID-19. He is excited to continue learning and believes that digital skills will help keep him connected.

“I really enjoyed the Q&A session because all of the learners were my past grads, and some of them finished lessons with me as far back as last May, so it was great to reconnect,” Josie commented. “It was awesome to see them all at once and for them to be able to interact with each other.”

The group setting encouraged participants to connect with fellow learners as well — sometimes answering each other’s questions without Josie. When one learner reflected on her difficulty practicing her Zoom skills without anyone to call, another learner posed the idea of sharing contact information to practice with each other. Towards the end of the session, Josie delivered a short demo on how to close out applications.

With questions answered and problems solved, CTN’s first live Zoom Q&A session proved a success. While we would all like to meet up in person, these group sessions help foster a sense of community and offer continuous support to our learners.

Live Q&A Session for Learners

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