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Yun Kwong Wong using tablet

Yun Kwong Wong is a local resident of San Francisco in the outer Sunset district. Since retirement, Mr. Wong has enjoyed learning to use technology and attends CTN’s Sunset Tech Connect Program regularly.

Learning new technology skills helps Mr. Wong connect closely with his friends, family, and community — and he has committed to regularly learn new technology. He loves to watch movies online, enjoys listening to his favorite music, and plays games, which keeps his mind and brain active and sharp.

Mr. Wong has attended many computer and tablet classes at a local community center but found this one to be the best. He loves the small class size, structured lessons, and focus on the one Samsung tablet device. He also loves hands-on in-class activities like using the camera app to take and share photos with his social media contacts. The class not only allows him to learn technology skills, but enables him to connect closely with family, friends, and other people in his community.

He said one of the best parts of technology is being able to “bridge the distance to family and friends who may not often get to see one another.” Through social media platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp, he gets to catch up with contacts through pictures and posts and make video calls to anywhere in the world. Whenever he learns new technology skills, he shares them with his friends and family and new online social contacts.

Mr. Wong has also found that using technology can benefit his physical health. He learned apps that can track his nutritional needs and manage his medication schedule. Most importantly, he learned to locate credible and reliable health information, community resources, and news.

The Sunset Tech Connect Program continues to meet weekly through July 2.

Learner Spotlight: Yun Kwong Wong

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