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The Castro Senior Center is located in Ellard Hall at Most Holy Redeemer Church in the heart of the Castro District of San Francisco. The center is directed by Patrick Larkin, and, together with his staff, they serve residents from the neighborhood and the larger San Francisco community.

Along with a wide range of daily activities that promote healthy living and socialization, computer tutoring is provided daily. To offer a more concentrated focus on navigating the computer, CTN has offered an 8-week course for those interested in expanding their computer proficiency.

Florey, Ester, and Craig (pictured here) are the first group of learners to complete the course, inspiring other center members to enhance their own computer skills. The 8-week course consists of

  • Identifying and operating parts of the computer
  • Using the mouse and touchpad on laptops
  • Establishing an email account
  • Writing and sending email messages and attachments
  • Understanding and using Internet browsers
  • Learning how to navigate the web safely
  • Reviewing and using folders: pictures, downloads, documents, videos, etc.
  • Being able to print a document, either Word documents or articles saved from the Internet

Congratulations to these three learners! They are showing others that if they can conquer their fear or doubt about computers and the Internet, others can as well.

Learner Spotlight: Three Castro Seniors

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