Transforming lives through digital literacy.


Thaddeus Reece is a man of many talents, having worked as a farmer, carpenter, locksmith, painter, and journeyman plumber, to name a few. Little did he know that a new job opportunity would open for him when he participated in a tablet training class I facilitated at George W. Davis Senior Residence. Thaddeus was always engaged and came prepared to each class ready to learn. The exposure to unfamiliar areas of the digital world fascinated and excited him, feeding his enthusiasm and prompting even more questions.

Inspired by his sister, who is immobilized due to an illness, Thaddeus asked me to help him with creating a new resume for a job he was interested in. Following some “after-class” tutoring, his new resume (and no doubt a “nailed” interview) resulted in a new employment opportunity at Transdev, driving the elderly and people with disabilities to medical appointments and on other essential errands.

“The teacher was very patient,” Thaddeus said. “I learned a lot, like all the dos and don’ts of safety on the internet. I quit using Facebook a while back because I got tired of all the notifications. Carlos helped me learn about Facebook privacy settings and how to turn off the notifications so I am able to enjoy connecting with my friends on Facebook again.”

Thaddeus’ story is yet another example of CTN delivering on its commitment of “transforming lives through digital literacy.” Volunteer to join the CTN training team by clicking here to learn about how to get started.

Learner Spotlight: Thaddeus Reece

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