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Sherry Lee has been coming to the open lab hours at the OMI Senior Center, managed by Catholic Charities, in San Francisco since 2017. She comes to the lab almost every time there is a tablet/iPad class or for a drop-in refresher class. The new technologies Sherry has learned have made a huge impact on her life. She loves using Google Maps for directions, the local NextBus app, and WeChat to connect and communicate with people, and she also started using Gmail regularly. She is so happy to know how to find the cheapest airline ticket and how to get a ride from Uber!

Sherry shared that when she “learned something new, I love to teach and share with others how to use the new technology. This is how I learn, from teaching others.”

Sherry is from China and has been in San Francisco for 20 years. Until 2017, she had not used new technology. She decided to learn because her son and grandchildren were using technology all the time, and they live in other states. After learning to use digital communication tools, Sherry now communicates regularly with her son and grandchildren. She also learned to use email and WeChat to connect with her friends in China.

Sherry continues to be excited to learn new things each day and is always so happy to use the information gathered in class!

Learner Spotlight: Sherry Lee

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