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On February 18, 2020, Sharon Randle graduated from a digital skills training program taught by CTN volunteers at Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco. If it was possible to name a class valedictorian, Sharon would have been the obvious choice. Turning 65 in April, Sharon was always at least 15 minutes early for class, asked excellent questions, was a fast learner, and helped other students understand the new skills and processes.

Sharon’s road to her recent success was a rough one. She was raised by an aunt, was unable to finish high school, was in an abusive marriage, and raised a daughter as a single mom. She lost a brother to cancer after caring for him prior to his death. Then after remarrying, her new husband passed away. She wound up homeless, depressed, and discouraged, and in and out of drug abuse programs. An intervention by the Coalition on Homelessness and the kindness of the residents of Noe Valley helped her move forward.

CTN’s volunteer trainers helped Sharon acquire her new digital skills and provided her with a tablet. Sharon can now customize settings on the tablet, use email, and research information on the internet. She hopes to use the tablet and her new skills to locate her long-lost brother. She also enjoys writing poems and hopes to post them online, eventually publishing them. We’ll let you know when Sharon’s poems are available.

Sharon says she enjoyed the CTN training because the step-by-step training progressed slowly and logically. In addition to specific skills, she learned to open her mind and realize she is still capable of learning new things. The training has left her feeling more empowered to be in control of her life.

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Learner Spotlight: Sharon Randle

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