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“Too good to be true.” That is how Home Connect learner Scott Aiu described his first impression of CTN during that first phone conversation with staff member Stephen Minor while searching for resources to get connected. Originally from Hawaii and a Bay Area resident for 23 years, Scott had used the public library computers for his internet needs. After the libraries were closed in March due to the stay-at home-orders, he spent nearly two months trying to find someone who would help him get online.

“I was about to give up. I was lonely and feeling really down being stuck at home. I was so frustrated and discouraged. And then Little Brothers referred me to CTN. That call really saved my life. At first, it sounded too good to be true when I spoke with Mr. Minor. When Al Ho began to assist with getting an internet account and Josie Boyle delivered my new tablet, I knew it was for real.”

Scott recently finished his first five hours of basic training with Josie and is eagerly awaiting being introduced to his digital coach for the additional training. Scott has already identified Accessing Healthcare and Telemedicine as his first Learning Pathway so he can once again have easier access to his doctor.

Scott adds, “Mr. Ho was helpful in recommending the right internet provider and preparing me in dealing with the process of applying to the Internet Essentials program. His follow-up call was appreciated as it took some time for the application to be approved. Josie is a very good instructor. She is patient with a welcoming manner and is generous in sharing her technical expertise. I felt comfortable during the sessions, especially since I never utilized a tablet before. I feel like I have finally joined the 21st century. I want to express my deep gratitude to your team in helping me close the “digital divide,” especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your experiences. You are an inspiration to other older learners contemplating their pathway across the digital divide and confronting their fears of the unknown associated with the journey.

Learner Spotlight: Scott Aiu

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