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When Renee, an older adult sheltering at home, was asked how she got involved in CTN’s Home Connect training, she did not hesitate to answer: “I was referred by God, and Heaven gave me my new tablet! I was amazed and overwhelmed that I received a gift of a tablet and training.” Her passion for learning and her gratitude demonstrate the impact CTN has made for her. “If we seniors don’t get a toehold on this computer stuff, everything is going to be on the computer, and we’ll be left out!”

Renee was first matched with CTN staff trainer Carlos Sivira for five sessions, then made the transition to Ivy Au, her digital coach volunteer. While she appreciates both Carlos and Ivy and gives them great praise and high marks, she says “I’m really in love with my tablet. Seniors need to have a device and be educated on how to use it. I love Zoom, and I use Google all the time. I just love to do research. Google is my set of encyclopedias, and my tablet is my Dick Tracy watch!”

Renee, a San Francisco resident for nearly 50 years, first took a computer class about 15 years ago. At that time, she was introduced to Facebook, which is how she keeps up with her family in Memphis (her hometown) and friends around the world using her cellphone. He son gave her an old laptop several years ago. Although it was on its last legs, using it helped her become more comfortable with technology.

An inspirational speaker, Renee plans to write a motivational book using her tablet. “I have a passion to help others as I have been helped. I want to provide encouragement about making the most out of life. My life equals such happiness. I want to help older adults stay positive as you age so you can experience all the joys in life. I used to have a five-year plan; now it’s a one-minute plan. I live in the moment and want to share that, so people don’t spend their life worrying.” Renee’s artistic side will also be supported by using apps she has discovered online to paint and draw. 

Thanks for sharing, Renee, and thank you, CTN’s volunteers and financial supporters, for making moments like this possible.

Learner Spotlight: Renee Kidera

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