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Kimberlyn Barton was recruited to work as a lab apprentice in the HACA/Austin Pathways program in 2016 when she was the president of the resident council at Lakeside Apartments. During the Lab Apprentice Program, Kimberlyn learned many things but thinks the most important thing she learned “is to be patient, flexible, creative, and always willing to learn. Having these skills has helped when working with individuals with varied needs and different levels of knowledge.”

Through the program, Kimberlyn has refined her own technical skills, enhanced her life, and supplemented her academic career. She will return to the University of Texas in the fall to complete her studies in health and society with a minor in social work.¬†She will also continue to use her skill set and knowledge to help others in need. She is especially interested in helping people who haven’t had enough technology education to fully access resources, employment, and social-community support systems. Even though the apprentice program has ended, Kimberlyn still spends a few hours in the lab on Saturdays for residents who want to get a few pointers or refreshers about their devices.

She sums her experience up this way: “Learning to be creative, versatile, persistent, and teaching residents to learn to use computers has allowed me to utilize these traits in my personal and professional life, which has blessed me with various opportunities and patience.”

Learner Spotlight: Kimberlyn Barton

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