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When Kennard Wilson was invited to participate in CTN’s Home Connect program, he was initially skeptical until he Googled CTN and found out we are a legitimate organization. He then realized that he had taken a computer training class taught by CTN at the I.T. Bookman Community Center in 2019. He even remembered the name of his teacher, William Dean. With that one exception, Kennard has taught himself to use computers (with some help from friends and his daughter).

Josie Boyle was Kennard’s instructor for the initial and fundamental portion of the Home Connect training. Kennard was then contacted by Charles, who had been selected as Kennard’s digital coach, to complete his training and provide needed tech support. “God touched my heart when he connected me with CTN. I was blessed to be partnered with Josie; we were a great match of personalities. I loved every minute of working with her,” said Kennard. “Then Charles called and introduced himself before our sessions started. We got to know each other, and I was able to share what other skills I wanted to learn. I really appreciate him making that call.”

Since Kennard had been a model and previously worked in theater, films, TV, and commercials, he shared with Charles that he wanted to record and edit music, write scripts and a theatrical play, and learn Spanish. During a recent session with Charles, he learned about hotspots and soon realized he could travel with his tablet, accessing Wi-Fi from anywhere and greatly expanding his tech capability when he’s on the road.

A San Francisco native, Kennard declared, “As a senior, it is my responsibility to ask the questions. Working with Josie and Charles has given me the confidence to do that. The training gives me a great sense of security — especially with the more you learn. I’m getting pretty good at navigating my tablet and making it work for me. I’d eventually like to have a Maserati computer, but this tablet is a perfect device to help me learn to navigate and to build my confidence.”

Learner Spotlight: Kennard Wilson

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