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Photo: CTN learner David Turner and his wife Susan on CEI’s iPad Graduation Day.

David Turner became a member of the Center for Elders’ Independence (CEI) 16 years ago after a series of medical challenges left him disabled and unable to return to work. He was referred to CEI through his disability assistance program, began receiving medical services through their medical offerings, and has been a faithful member ever since.

David, born in Berkeley, grew up in southern California and returned to the Bay Area in 1979 to care for his grandparents. He worked for years in the termite control business as both a carpenter and a chemical applicator technician. He met his wife in the laundry room of their apartment building — actually, their cats met first and “broke the ice.”

He learned about CTN’s iPad basic training series through CEI. Given the opportunity to participate, he quickly signed up. He was apprehensive as the first training sessions approached, concerned that his disability from a stroke would be difficult to overcome. Since his technology skills were very limited, he asked his wife if she would assist him during class since she had a bit more experience.  Both CEI and CTN happily made an exception, allowing her to audit the class and assist him. David’s concerns disappeared, and he quickly gained confidence in his new skills.

On December 14, David graduated from training during a ceremony conducted via Zoom, the same format used for the entire seven-hour iPad basics class. David spoke to CTN about his experience: “I have a bit of a deficit due to my stroke, so it was really helpful to have my wife be with me in the class. She took notes for me, helped me with the keyboard as I couldn’t type. I still managed the class. By the end of the last lesson, I felt I was able to do very well and grasp everything because Jannell, my teacher from CTN, was such a good teacher and made me feel very comfortable.”

At the time of this post, 23 older adult learners have graduated from three CEI iPad training classes taught by CTN.   

Congratulations, David, on your courage and your accomplishments.



Learner Spotlight: David Turner from CEI’s iPad Training

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