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Here’s a story from one of the learners I’ve worked with at Aquatic Park Senior Center: 

“I am 82 years old. Learning is hard. Trying to keep up with the new world, I bought a Samsung Galaxy phone about a year ago in a Target store. I fooled around with it from time to time without knowing what it did. My friends showed me how to do a few things in seconds, making it even more confusing.

I wanted to find a good place with good people to learn from. I looked around over a long time in the neighborhood but was not able to find one that was satisfactory until some people told me Aquatic Park Senior Center may have some services provided by volunteers that could help me learn.

The Aquatic Park Senior Center helped me enroll in a CTN one-on-one tutoring at the site’s computer lab. In the beginning, the learning was difficult. After four sessions, about once a week, I have learned some basics of the smartphone, and how to use the phone to call my helper, call a taxi, and get stock price or stock news through Google Assistant by voice input.

Many thanks to CTN and Aquatic Park Senior Center. I am starting to be able to learn how to keep up with technology changes that affect my daily life and am looking forward to what else is there for me to learn about.”

Learner Spotlight – Carlo Terrone

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