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Brinda was born and raised in the Fillmore and Ingleside in San Francisco. She has recently moved to a senior citizen center in the Bayview after selling her family home. Here, she visits the Bayview Senior Center Computer Lab regularly to utilize the computers and Community Tech Network (CTN) volunteers they offer.

She is interested in researching health conditions online, as well as keeping up with friends and family with social media apps. Having been diagnosed with Graves disease, she uses the internet to research nutritional advice to help manage her symptoms. This is helpful to augment the advice she receives from her nutritionist.

Brinda appreciates the dedication and eagerness of the CTN volunteers to help her and others at the center troubleshoot and learn new computer skills. Her wish is to have more volunteers available at more times during the week, at more locations throughout the city.

Learner Spotlight: Brinda Faye Drummer

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