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CTN recently completed a series of  classes with students from the Children’s Council San Francisco with the goal of maximizing their use of iPad technology. Students went beyond the basics on the iPad and learned how the internet fits together and connects to apps and security. Children’s Council San Francisco managers were always on hand for each class to “connect” the learning to broader services offered by the council.

Learners came to us with diverse needs, deepened by the shifting daily realities and the educational environments they connect with and represent. This means that our learners were ready to engage us in a dialogue about technology that could be transformative for the class and, especially, for the teacher delivering the curriculum. We sponsor lively class discussions that help students take ownership over their own activities on the iPad and on the broader internet.

I made an effort to synthesize everything I have learned from teaching to provide these intermediate-level learners with effective instruction and to demystify concepts such as the cloud and advanced Google searches. But I also emphasized effective measures for students to remain secure online. Overall, we are attempting to provide students with a greater sense of autonomy and possibility in their use of hardware, software, and the internet. At the same time, we strive to provide realistic input into security and information literacy that makes studentsmore secure online.

iPad Class at Children’s Council San Francisco

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