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Home Connect is CTN’s newest COVID-19-inspired program, designed to connect isolated seniors to the internet and leverage its resources from the comfort and safety of their homes. Our initial goal is to connect 100 seniors, and we plan to add more as funding becomes available.

Our first batch of tablets have been ordered; upon their arrival, CTN staff will configure and ship them out to identified seniors. There are several housing developments that already provide internet, so we will work with residents there first while helping others enroll in one of the low-cost internet options that are available.

Once the tablet arrives at the senior’s home, CTN staff will connect with the senior by phone, help them through the process of connecting their tablet to the internet, and introduce a remote training tool that will facilitate screen sharing. A CTN staff member will use the early sessions to assist the senior in establishing sound basic digital and internet skills. This includes ensuring that the senior is aware of how to protect their personal safety, evaluate the validity of various news and information sources, and identify security threats encountered online.

Once the senior feels accomplished in these skills, they will be introduced to a volunteer CTN trainer who will continue working with them online to gain additional skills of the senior’s choosing. CTN has developed a “menu” of critical goals for seniors to select from, allowing the volunteer trainer to build a curriculum focusing on the learner’s desires. The list includes

  • Communicate with friends and family
  • Interact with healthcare providers, access telemedicine and portals, refill prescriptions, and arrange for delivery
  • Order groceries, meals, and other necessities for delivery
  • Complete online forms like applications and surveys 
  • Access information, entertainment and live-stream events

If you would like to support Home Connect’s mission to connect isolated seniors, please consider making a financial donation by following this link to our donation page

Home Connect Offers Customized Learning Pathways

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