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Last month CTN held its first large event, titled Digital Opportunities: Is Access a Game Changer? We were fortunate to have the following speakers engage in an interesting dialogue about access to technology and how it affects people and communities:

  • Craig Newmark (Founder and Customer Service Rep, Craigslist)
  • Pankaj Kedia (Director of Global Ecosystem Programs for Mobile Internet, Intel)
  • Laura Efurd (Vice President and Chief Community Investment Officer, ZeroDivide)
  • Villy Wang (President and CEO, BAYCAT)

There were over 90 attendees from a variety of organizations (state government, nonprofits, corporations) eager to discuss the topic. The panelists initially provided their background and their thoughts on the topic. As the moderator, I was able to guide the panelists through a series of questions that helped provide a holistic view of the issue. Panelists provided their perspective on what the issue is, what is being done, what more can be done, and what is holding back the much-needed progress. The Q&A session provided a stream of questions that even had the panelists stumped at times, providing a very dynamic and creative conversation.

Overall, the event was a great success! We are hoping to organize more events of this nature, so if you were not able to come to attend this event, join us for the next. We’ve held over 20 smaller events since 2008. 

Great event with Craig Newmark

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