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MJ Isabell is one of the third-year cohorts in Curry Senior Center’s Wellness Program, Senior Vitality. This class enables clients to better manage their health and well-being through in-home internet access, technology training, and health coaching. Along with receiving an iPad and Fitbit watch to monitor mobility, she has free reign to explore and install various apps of interest to support her digital independence.

MJ uses Garage Band, a free musical icon app, which enables the user to create all kinds of music. For example, she creates background music for the center’s weekly podcast, composed of a small group known as Revolting Seniors. The group discusses various topics related to senior life with appropriate podcast music to complement the discussion.

MJ also creates music to accompany her YouTube video clips about the social, economic, and criminal activities taking place in her Tenderloin neighborhood.  She has created over fifteen songs.

Her success in using this app qualified her to teach two classes to her fellow cohorts, introducing and engaging the learners in creating and adapting music for their purposes.

CTN is proud of MJ’s accomplishments. They show how her life is transformed, and in turn, how she is helping others to have a similar experience. 

From Learner to Trainer: MJ Isabell @ Curry Center

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