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Photo: Stephen stands next to a mural in El Chota, Ecuador.

Stephen Minor’s path to his current position as senior program manager with CTN followed a long and winding road. His journey took him from his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to San Francisco via Ecuador, with a few stops in between. Like many of our staff, Steph picked up invaluable knowledge and experience along the way, arriving at CTN with a diverse skill set and the benefit of many unique experiences. These life experiences came in handy just two days after his arrival at CTN when the city of San Francisco shut down all its library and senior centers due to COVID-19, effectively putting CTN out of the in-person digital literacy training business.

Stephen, a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majored in communications and film/theater. This was followed by a 27-month assignment with the Peace Corps in Ecuador, where he led programs and charlas focused in sex and gender education using improv theater. He then spent time with a Washington, D.C., nonprofit delivering similar programming. Stephen was also a small-business owner for seven years. After arriving in San Francisco in 2019, he worked with HandsOn Bay Area as a program manager and event specialist, responsible for coordinating various volunteer events throughout the city. Stephen currently has a contract with VIPKid, working with children in China between ages 4 and 12 who want to improve their English skills.

While Stephen wears multiple hats at CTN, perhaps his most fulfilling role is serving as the direct staff point of contact for our cadre of digital coach volunteers. He matches volunteers and the older adults in the Home Connect program, then supports the digital coaches throughout their service.

Stephen shared his outlook: “When matching the older adults with the volunteers, I have the opportunity to talk with a lot of isolated and lonely seniors. It is a truly heartwarming experience visiting with the older adults. No matter how busy my day seems to be, there is no such thing as an unfulfilling day. It’s such a phenomenal feeling knowing I made a difference.”

Stephen’s personal mantra is “believe in yourself, create your own destiny, and don’t fear failure.” Obviously, these words have served Stephen well. Thank you for all you do for CTN and our senior learners.


Employee Spotlight – Stephen Minor

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