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Photo: Jannell teaching at Twitter’s NeighborNest before the pandemic. 

“I love my job and I love CTN.” This is how Jannell describes her 3+ years as a bilingual digital literacy program manager with Community Tech Network. “Before I came to CTN, I worked as a case manager for a law firm. My day would be spent on the phone with clients facing workers’ comp issues. I only encountered voices on the phone and never experienced the satisfaction of knowing whether I really made a difference for them.”

The culture and atmosphere were totally different at CTN. “From day one, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I have a medical condition which at times requires a special accommodation. I mentioned this during the interview and was assured that I should not be concerned. CTN honors that commitment, providing me a sense of safety and confidence allowing me to focus on my job and the people I assist.”

Although Jannell was born in the Bay Area and spoke Spanish at home, she had lost some of her Spanish skills over the years. When she began her work as a digital literacy instructor in Spanish, she anticipated she would learn as well as teach. She soon encountered one of her most memorable students, who helped and encouraged Jannell, making her more at ease with her Spanish skills. At the same time, this learner served as an inspiration and cheerleader for the others in their class at Twitter’s NeighborNest because of her commanding, positive, and uplifting presence. “I’ll always remember how she made a difference for all of us.”

“I love teaching older adults; it’s the best part of my job. I enjoy building trust and relationships and getting to know the learners as people. Because I am much younger than my student learners and they are so vulnerable, I feel very privileged when they let me into their lives. I know I have earned their trust when they share family stories and day-to-day experiences. I have become an important part of their life and member of their family.”

Jannell, thank you for all you do for CTN and for our learners.

Employee Spotlight: Jannell Q. Mateo Rivas

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