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Ira using Skype on his new laptop.

Ira Seiden was left behind because he didn’t have the right tools.

“I had the desire, I wanted it, but couldn’t do it because the tools weren’t there. No one taught me and no one cared.”

Ira joined a basic digital literacy class with fellow residents at Episcopal Community Services (ECS) and received a laptop as part of his training. After two of months of training, Ira learned to use Skype to talk to his sister whom he hasn’t seen in over four years.

“I amaze myself sometimes. Not knowing anything about a computer and now I am Skyping with my sister in Florida. It’s amazing. And I can go anywhere with this, if I want to!”

CTN bridges the digital divide by providing compassionate trainings, tailored to meet people where they are and empower them to change their lives. Ira experienced this firsthand, and so can others with your support.

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