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Our digital inclusion efforts continued this June at Twitter’s NeighborNest, where I taught the digital literacy course in Spanish. The four-part workshop series focused on building the learners’ basic computer and Internet skills as well as their confidence. I also trained six bilingual Twitter employees, who joined in the effort to bridge the digital divide by assisting in each workshop.

There was such enthusiasm and energy around learning how to use the computers from this group of learners. Even the children wanted to join in on the action! Pictured here are the eager children watching their parents learn digital skills.

We started Conectese @NeighborNest (Get Connected @NeighborNest) with 18 students, and by the last session there were a total of 9 graduates! We’re proud of all their hard work.

When reflecting on the class, one learner said, “I recommend this class because it is a great way to connect to technology and at the same time with our children, who are the next generation.”

One of the volunteers from Twitter had this to say when reflecting on their experience helping clients: “It was a great experience and something I looked forward to every week. I recommended it to a number of colleagues but also talked about it to friends and family all the time. Thanks for having me!”

Digital Literacy en Español at Twitter’s NeighborNest

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