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The I.T. Bookman Community Center was built on the foundation of a communal need for multipurpose space within the community, with the purpose of embracing the needs of the surrounding Oceanview, Merced Heights, and Ingleside neighborhoods. According to its director, Mike Perkins, the computer lab was underused, so to get more participants engaged in digital skills, he asked CTN to provide a digital skills class to encourage neighborhood residents to visit the lab.

This eight-week computer class was designed for beginners who needed instruction on the following topics:

  • Reasons to use the computer
  • Introduction to email
  • Navigating websites
  • Using search engines
  • A computer’s parts and its features
  • Online safety measures
  • Creating Word documents and accessing folders

Three of six learners not only met for the instructional hour but stayed after class for one-on-one tutoring. They wanted to improve their skills in navigating their smartphones: powering on and off, using Google Maps, installing and deleting apps, and reviewing the settings features.

Congratulations to the learners who appreciated the opportunity to receive training, enabling them to begin on a digital literacy journey!

Digital Skills Graduates at I.T. Bookman

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