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In 2017, “personal data” was deemed the most valuable resource in the world … yet 46 percent of consumers feel they’ve lost control over their own data (Salesforce). It is easy to take for granted that all information we share online has value. If it falls into the wrong hands, our data can be used in unwelcome and illegal ways.

Unfortunately, seniors are often more susceptible to identity theft, fraud, and misuse of personal information. Without proper internet safety training, it is easy to mistake scammers for legitimate sources. Perpetrators often target seniors assuming that older populations are more trusting and uneducated on online safety.

The FTC reported that 35 percent of fraud complaints and 18.9 percent of identity theft complaints in 2017 were from seniors. When considering all forms of financial abuse and outright fraud, criminals reportedly take over $36 billion each year from Americans aged 60 or older. Community Tech Network reduces this risk by proactively teaching internet safety to seniors.

As a part of our Home Connect curriculum, older adult learners are taught how to keep their passwords safe, avoid suspicious offers, and recognize potential cyber threats. They are equipped to lead an active online life without falling victim to dangerous data breaches.

CTN is proud to be a Data Privacy Champion with the National Cyber Security Alliance on this year’s #DataPrivacyDay. As we continue to expand and work with new partners, we are dedicated to empowering seniors to keep their data safe.

CTN Is a Data Privacy Champion for 2021’s “Data Privacy Day”

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