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Photo: Saundra Haggerty, back row with the green shirt, is the case manager of GLIDE’s Men in Progress program.

Because of our long history of helping low-income and older adults get connected, CTN’s supporters and partners often provide us with new, upgraded, repurposed, or surplus devices to provide to digital learners during our training sessions. We also are asked by various organizations for devices and training to assist their clients or residents. That is how CTN’s senior program manager Stephen (Steph) Minor recently became aware that GLIDE, a program of the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, had a need for devices. GMUMC has a history of helping the community since it was organized in 1930.

For the past several months, Steph has been volunteering with GLIDE’s Daily Free Meals program. While visiting with staff recently, Steph learned of a need for mobile phones and cameras and facilitated a donation of two Nexus 4G mobile phones and six Sony Cyber-shot DSC cameras to GLIDE on June 16. The phones will be provided to participants in their Men In Progress support group, a program that supports men in healthy anger management. The digital cameras will be used by staff and volunteers in their FYCC program (Family Youth and Child Care) to support community outreach and awareness efforts.

GLIDE has over 60 employees from diverse backgrounds with an overall mission of supporting the less fortunate in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Pre-COVID, GLIDE would serve an average of 2,200 to 2,500 meals per day. In response to the COVID impact, they have transitioned from a fixed feeding site to a mobile feeding program called GLIDE on the Go, still providing three meals a day at various locations.

Since COVID-19, GLIDE still operates other programs that are designed to support San Francisco’s homeless population in locating essential needs and services throughout the Tenderloin neighborhood and San Francisco. 

Special thanks to Steph for his volunteer work in support of GLIDE. CTN and GLIDE are but two of the myriad nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco area that have made modifications to their traditional service delivery models, ensuring continuity of needed programs and services during the COVID crisis.

CTN Donates Devices to GLIDE

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