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Group of CTN Volunteers

On May 22, CTN volunteers gathered at Google Community Space to celebrate their accomplishments from the past year. Sixteen CTN volunteers, staff, and partners came together to share stories over pizza and trivia. As CTN has done in the past, we recognized four outstanding volunteers for their continued dedication in the area of digital inclusion.

Yingshan Bi, Student Leader

Yingshan has volunteered with CTN for the past two years while completing prerequisite classes to study biochemistry. We have been so lucky to have Yingshan at Chinatown YWCA, where she has worked with the Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking population. Her dedication to serving a group of individuals over time has made it a rewarding experience for everyone! Yingshan is actually leaving CTN this summer as she transfers to start school at UC Berkeley. We wish her the best!

Tiffany Huynh, Great Partner

Tiffany has been a wonderful partner with CTN while at OMI Senior Center. Not only does she do such a great job coordinating with our volunteers, but she even spends time tutoring the learners as well! Tiffany is a great example of a partner who is committed to bridging the digital divide. We are very fortunate to be able to work with her and everyone at OMI!

Randy Schroeder, iTeach Award

We at CTN want our volunteers to be the best versions of themselves in the computer lab. If they are able to answer questions about email and internet safety, great. If a volunteer wants to lead a workshop to teach learners about WhatsApp, we’re all for it. Randy goes one step beyond and leads a weekly iPhone workshop where he leads a group of learners at Aquatic Park Senior Center through the ins and outs of using an iPhone to its full potential. We love to see volunteers take the extra step to become teachers, and Randy is a great example of that.

Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Do-It-All Tutor

When we say do-it-all, we really mean it! Cordelia has volunteered as a computer lab tutor at Canon Kip Senior Center. Now she volunteers at Curry Senior Center with the Senior Vitality Program. As part of that program, Cordelia meets with four learners per week, each for 30 minutes at a time. This in-depth time allows Cordelia the chance to really meet the needs of each individual learner. And Cordelia does a wonderful job with everyone that she works with.

We truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of these and all of our volunteers.

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