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Sylvia was introduced to the Aquatic Park Computer Lab by her friend Sid. She had used a computer previously but really hadn’t had time to get to know much about its creative uses. Having been interested in photography for a number of years, she has hundreds of images saved on her computer. “Images,” Sylvia said. “They are called images, not photos when you are viewing and altering them digitally.”

Sylvia came into the lab’s digital photo class with the intent of learning how to put captions onto her pictures, but she quickly realized that was just the first step. With the help of the class, she is now learning the principles of design while creating postcards to send to her friends and family. The digital photography class has not only given her an outlet for her creativity, it has also taught her to become more comfortable using the computer in her daily life and even teaching others how to use it.

Sylvia is excited to continue learning and wants to take the next step and learn how to use PowerPoint.

Client Spotlight: Sylvia

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